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our value statement

The difference
between A solution and
a software is the context.

We bridge the gap that lets you choose between a software that your business has to adopt and a solution that works for your business.

Technology Solutions Consulting

IT Connects - The Company

IT-CONNECTS was established in July 2011 as a technology solutions provider primarily involved in development of web-based and client/server based solutions. Having been involved in multiple product/project development lifecycles, it has since turned its attention towards addressing the growing challenges of Technology Solutioning.

The company also manages the IT-Support and Infrastructure for the Connect-Ventures Group.  In the course of its journey, it has also led to the spin-off of two other product development companies in the IT space, Uniqreate, based in UK and iQreate Infotech based in Bangalore.

Our Services

All the support you require for your technology needs.

  • technology consultation

    Need help in managing an IT-related activity?  Want to evaluate a technical decision?  Require inputs on Technical Aspects of a new project?  We can provide the right information and support.

  • Requirements snapshot

    Looking to find a development team to work with but don't know how to document your requirements comprehensively? We can help you identify, develop and map out your requirements.                        

  • process optimization

    Starting on a new automation project?  Implementing a new process or software to support your business?  We can help you ensure a smooth transition.                                                 

  • content creation

    Engaged with a team for developing your website but don't know what content to provide them with?  We can help create content to suit your needs.

  • feature mining

    Unable to decide which features of a software are useful for you and which are not?  We can help you identify the most important features of a solution that will add value to your business

  • technical collaboration

    Don't know how to start off a project with a new technical team?  We will help you get your bearings right by translating technology for you.

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